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WIP Amnesty (The OC)

I know it hasn't been long, but apparently it's that time again! And I still have 4 unposted abandoned WIPs, so here we go.

A knock at the door
Written 5/15/05. 239 words.

The OC - Alex/Marissa. This is not very good at all, but I just found it randomly and figured if I was posting old WIPs I might as well include it. This was written during season 2 and completely doesn't fit with canon that happened after I started it.

A knock at the door, and Alex half-jumps from her spot on the couch. “It’s open.”

“Hey,” a voice says softly, and she looks up to see her lover in the doorway. “Hey, Marissa.” Pulling the tall girl to her, she kisses her tenderly.

Marissa’s hands tangle in Alex’s hair, pulling a little, but she doesn’t care. It’s just wonderful to be here with her. They’d hit a rough patch, but things were going better now, and Alex finally understood that Ryan wasn’t a threat. Marissa’d sat her down and explained that though she appreciated knowing how much Alex cared about her, she and Ryan were over; that bridge had been unsuccessfully crossed several times last year and she had no desire to go back to him.

It had taken Alex a while to believe it. But she believes it now, here, with Marissa’s hands snagging her knotty hair. “I love you,” she hears against her lips, and she pulls away from the kiss in surprise.

Marissa is blushing. “Sorry,” she says. “I probably shouldn’t have said it. I didn’t mean to-”

Alex cuts her off. “Did you mean it?”


“Did you?”

“Of course,” Marissa mutters, staring at her feet and turning even redder, if that’s possible.

“Good,” Alex says decisively, noting how the other girl’s head snaps up to look at her, shocked. “I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now – I love you, too.”
Tags: [character] marissa cooper, [fandom] the oc, [pairing] alex/marissa, slash (f/f), wip amnesty
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