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WIP Amnesty (Panic! at the Disco)

untitled ryan/spencer thing
Written 9/19/08. 198 words, about half of which is notes at the bottom.

“One day, Spence,” Ryan tells Spencer’s bedroom ceiling as they lie there in the dark, “we’re going to get out of here.” His voice is hushed, reverent almost, in the quiet of the early morning. It’s nothing he hasn’t said a million times before, but Spencer still believes him. He’s always believed (in) Ryan. He always will.

“Sure,” he replies sleepily, blinking his eyes open in the darkness.

Ryan hears how tired he is and only says, “Okay, goodnight,” before rolling over, away from Spencer.

“’Night.” Spencer yawns, closing his eyes again. He is asleep within minutes.

Ryan stares into the darkness for a while, thinking. Formulating plans.


In the morning, they have pancakes.

Leads into the band, getting signed, yadda yadda. Not sure what the story I’m telling is, really – should probably figure that out before going any further. Pairings????? (was thinking Ryan/Spencer, then thinking Pete/Ryan, now kind of thinking Pete/Ryan sleepover princes not going much farther than casual affection/hooking up, then Ryan/Spencer for real. Or something.) I kind of want this to be about their friendship being epic or something. That probably sounds idiotic. I don’t know. Will figure it out in the actual morning.
Tags: [character] ryan ross, [character] spencer smith, [fandom] bandslash, gen, wip amnesty
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