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WIP Amnesty (Panic! at the Disco)

for kelsey's bday
Written 10/9/07. 664 words.

Bandslash - Brendon/Jon. This was supposed to be a late birthday present for pressdbtwnpages. Her birthday is in April, and I am the failiest friend ever. Also, totally not canon-compliant, though I probably would have fixed that later.

“Hey, Jon,” Brendon asks, poking his head around the corner. “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Sure,” Jon says immediately. “Be right back, guys.” The other techies he’s been playing cards with nod and he follows Brendon out of the room. “What’s up?”

“I hear you play bass,” Brendon says, and whatever Jon was expecting, it wasn’t that.

“Yeah...” he says slowly, unsure where this is going.

“Feel like playing with us tonight?” Brendon is bouncing nervously on the balls of his feet. “Brent’s completely MIA and we’re kind of freaking out. I can teach you the songs really fast.”

“Sure, of course,” Jon says, “No problem.” Much as he loves being on the road with the Academy, he misses actually playing. Then he realizes sound check starts soon. “What about –”

“Ryan already talked to Bill,” Brendon tells him, preempting the question. “He said they could spare you for one sound check. Come on, I’ll show you your parts.”

It’s supposed to be a one-night deal, filling in for someone who can’t be bothered to show up. Jon is as surprised as anyone when it becomes permanent.


That first show, Jon is a little on edge. He hasn’t played in over a year, and he’s never played a show with only an hour’s practice before. But Brendon and Ryan are patient with him, and no one seems to mind when he has to start one song over. And once he gets past the initial bout of nerves, it becomes easy. He knows these guys pretty well by now. He knows the songs pretty well, too, having listened from backstage most nights. He relaxes and stops psyching himself out, and it sounds good. Really good, even.

He walks offstage smiling.


When he gets the call, Jon can’t imagine anything he’d rather be doing than playing with Panic! at the Disco. He says, “Yes, sure,” before thinking about it at all, really.

Spencer laughs and says, “We’ll see you soon, then,” and that’s that.

The thing is, Jon never feels out of place with the band. They’re all welcoming and they already know each other, so it’s not like he’s the New Guy in a big way. But the fans are a different story. The fans miss Brent, and they don’t know the whole story. They don’t want to know him, they just want the old and familiar back.

It’s Brendon who says, “We should let them know you, they’ll love you,” Brendon who decides Jon should write in the journal on their website, Brendon who suddenly clings to him every chance he gets, especially in public. And slowly, things start to change. Kids start saying hi to him at shows and asking for his autograph, too. But Brendon doesn’t stop being clingy. Jon figures he’s just sort of used to it and doesn’t think anything more of it. It’s kind of sweet, really.

Another thing he never expects is to fall for Brendon. That wasn’t in the plan.


The thing is, Brendon pretty much loves Jon from the moment they first meet. Jon is wonderful and sings Aladdin with him and doesn’t seem to tire of cuddling the way Ryan and Spencer do, sometimes – how could Brendon not adore him?

He’s completely thrilled when Jon joins the band. Just having him play with them once felt right in a way that it never felt with Brent. Which probably should’ve been their first clue, really. But what did they know – they’d never done this before.


Brendon doesn’t get why everyone doesn’t love Jon Walker like he loves Jon Walker. Seriously now. Jon is amazing. Brendon tells him this all the time.

“You’re made of amazing, Jon Walker,” he says, passing Jon on his way to the front lounge. Jon just smiles back and Brendon feels his heart pick up speed, subtle but real. He’s not sure when he developed a crush on Jon, but it’s not exactly a surprise.
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