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WIP Amnesty (Panic! at the Disco, The Hush Sound)

Jon/Greta Chicago fic
Written 8/18/07. 216 words, plus short notes at the end.

In 2007, the Honda Civic Tour was in Chicago for three nights (according to what I wrote here, anyway, though I think maybe there were only two shows?). One of those nights, Jon Walker came out and played with them. The Hush Sound was also in town at the time, though I don't remember if any of them played with FOB at all or not. Anyway, I just really liked the idea of Jon/Greta taking place during that time.

They spend two months in the cabin, and then Jon goes home.

Chicago will always be home, no matter how long he’s gone. The road becomes home sometimes in a different way, but this is the place he’ll always return to. Occasionally, he’ll get a little homesick – not in the five-year-old, I-want-my-mommy way, but in this sort of quiet, longing way that lets him know he needs to go back to Chicago, just for a little while.

So he went. Brendon, Ryan and Spencer understood – they were home, and now it’s his turn.

Spring turns quickly into summer


It would be nice to see Fall Out Boy and the Academy again, and to go to a show. Jon’s been going to small local shows here and there, and pretty much no one recognizes him, which is nice. But he hasn’t seen any of his friends play in a while, or gotten to feel the excitement that comes along with being on the road, playing a new city every night, even vicariously.

The next day, he calls Pete. “So I hear you’re going to be in town soon.”

“Yeah, dude, you should totally come play with us one night,” Pete says. “That’d be fucking awesome. We’re playing Chicago three nights, so just tell me when you’re free.”

Things about Jon/Greta Chicago fic:
-Greta knows about the tour, of course, and she goes to see the show Jon plays at, not knowing he’s in town. She hangs out backstage/afterwards with everybody, and she and Jon wind up spending a lot of the time together. She's always liked him.
Tags: [character] greta salpeter, [character] jon walker, [character] pete wentz, [fandom] bandslash, [pairing] jon/greta, het, wip amnesty
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