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WIP Amnesty (Panic! at the Disco)

Untitled Panic GSF
Written 7/9/07. 1747 words.

Ryan/Brendon/Spencer/Jon, NC-17. I never finished this because it was going to be mostly porn and that's really not my strong suit. I also got too caught up in the logistics of a) tour bus sex and b) sex involving four people at once.

Post will be locked in about a week.

Spencer had been watching Jon watch Brendon for about a month when he decided enough was enough. He caught Jon on his way out of the bathroom one day and said, “I dare you to kiss him.”

“What? Who?” Jon stared at him blankly.

Spencer rolled his eyes. “Brendon, you idiot.”

Jon blushed a bit and said, a little defiantly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Come on,” Spencer said. “I’ve seen the way you look at him. And this way, if he turns you down, you can just say I dared you to.”

Jon thought this over for a minute. “Won’t it make things awkward?”

“Not really. But, hey, if you’re too chicken –”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Well, you didn’t say you’d do it, either.”

“All right, fine, I’ll do it,” Jon snapped in a 'leave me alone' tone of voice.

“Good.” Spencer smiled a little evilly and went back to his bunk.


It’s not that Spencer hadn’t noticed that Ryan looked at Brendon the same way, it’s just that he tried not to think about that too much. Because Ryan was his before he was anyone else’s, and why did everyone have to be attracted to Brendon, anyway? It wasn’t like he was that hot. (Okay, maybe it was, but still. Beside the point.)

The point was, Brendon didn’t get to have them both.


They were all standing around in the dressing room after the show that night when Jon said, “Hey, Brendon, come here.” Brendon looked up curiously and did as he was told.

Spencer grinned as Jon grabbed the back of Brendon’s head and smashed their lips together. After a minute in which Brendon didn’t pull away, Ryan made a whiny noise and disappeared.

Spencer went after him. “Ryan.”

“What?” Ryan snapped, not turning around.

Then Spencer realized he didn’t really know what to say. “Uh, I…” He scratched at the back of his neck awkwardly. “You want some water?”

Now Ryan turned to look at him – well, more like “glare menacingly” than “look,” really, but it wasn’t scary because it was Ryan, who couldn’t look scary if he sprouted fangs and sharp claws and starting killing baby animals. Not that Ryan would… anyway. Spencer shook his head at himself and glared back.

“Fuck off,” Ryan spat and stormed away from him. Or tried, anyway. Spencer grabbed him and spun him around. “What the fuck do you want, anyway?”

Spencer opened his mouth to respond, but wound up kissing Ryan instead. He wasn’t exactly sure how that happened, but then Ryan made this little mewling noise into his mouth and he stopped thinking at all.

He wasn’t sure who pulled away first, but when he finally opened his eyes, Ryan looked more lost than ever. “This whole thing is so fucked up,” Ryan mumbled, and Spencer just nodded.

“Let’s go back,” he said, grabbing Ryan’s hand. Wordlessly, Ryan followed.


When they got back to the dressing room, Brendon was straddling Jon and both were shirtless. They were full-on making out now, and Spencer sat and watched for a few minutes, fairly certain they had no idea he and Ryan were there.

“You guys put on a good show,” he said after a little while. Brendon and Jon pulled apart so quickly that Jon hit his head on the floor.

“How long have you been there?” Brendon demanded.

“A few minutes,” Spencer said. Ryan nodded.

“Oh,” Brendon said awkwardly.

“Ryan’s jealous,” said Spencer, earning him a punch right below the ribs. It was the kind of punch that would hurt if anyone but Ryan had thrown it.

Ryan rubbed his knuckles and stared at his feet. “Ouch,” he mumbled barely audibly. Spencer suppressed the urge to laugh and thus get completely off-track.

Brendon stared at them, wide-eyed. Jon said nothing, staring almost as intently at the floor as Ryan was. Spencer couldn’t tell who Jon was most embarrassed for, but this would never happen if everyone kept stalling. He cleared his throat loudly. Once he was sure he had their attention, he said, “And so am I.”

In an ideal world, this would not have been the moment when Brendon choked on his own saliva and went into a coughing fit. This, however, was not an ideal world. Spencer waited for Brendon’s coughing to subside before saying, “Unless anyone objects, I think we should go back to the bus right now and do something about it.”

Jon blushed a little but nodded at him. Jumping to his feet, Brendon said, “Hell yes. How fast can we get there?” He held out his hand to Jon, who took it and stood. The two of them practically ran out of the room, Brendon pulling Jon the whole way.

This left Spencer with Ryan again. Ryan, his best friend since forever. Ryan, who was standing there all wide-eyed and innocent and maybe a little scared.

But Spencer knew better. Ryan might be wide-eyed and scared, but he was no innocent. Spencer said softly, “Ryan? Do you want to?”

When Ryan finally looked right at him, there was something more in his eyes – desire, maybe, or perhaps pure, raw need. “Yeah,” he said, his hand already reaching around the back of Spencer’s head to pull him in. Their lips touched gently at first, then more insistently as Ryan rocked into Spencer, already hard.

The next second, Ryan pulled away, saying, “Let’s go,” and Spencer was left stunned in the doorway. He touched his lips with maybe a little bit of reverence and something like awe. He had always known that this side of Ryan existed, of course – you couldn’t be as close as they are without having walked in on each other accidentally at least once or twice – but having it directed at him, that was, kind of amazing, actually. He suddenly realized he was keeping them waiting. With a grin, he practically sprinted to the bus.


Spencer got to the bus not a moment too soon, considering that they weren’t waiting. Brendon had already gotten his shirt off and Ryan and Jon were halfway there.

“Hey,” he said casually – too casually, maybe.

“Hi,” Brendon said, grinning. “You have some catching up to do.”

“Yeah,” Spencer said, looking at them. They all had nice bodies – thin, yeah, and not at all toned, but nice. Spencer wasn’t used to not having a belly anymore yet, and he was still shy about taking his shirt off.

Ryan came over to him and said, “You’re perfect, Spence,” in this gentle voice he only used when Spencer needed a self-esteem boost (which wasn’t often these days, though it used to be). He tugged at the hem of Spencer’s shirt, lifting it when Spencer nodded slightly. He raised his arms above his head as Ryan pulled his shirt off entirely, dropping it to the floor and kissing him softly.

Brendon walked up behind Ryan and slipped his arms around Ryan’s waist, sucking at his neck. Ryan let out a tiny noise that went straight to Spencer’s groin and stayed there. Then Spencer remembered that Jon was sitting behind him. He broke the kiss and turned around. “Join us.”


This was a good question. Clearly, the bunks wouldn’t even begin to accommodate all four of them – they would barely accommodate two comfortably – and standing like this was beginning to strain some of Spencer’s muscles. “Couch?” he offered. It was more of a loveseat, really, built into the bus wall, but maybe it’d be less cramped than a bunk.

Jon shook his head. “Too narrow. Maybe we could move two cots to the floor.”

Spencer nodded, grabbing his mattress. Jon had Ryan’s, and they brought them into the other room to set up a makeshift bed on the floor.

When Spencer went back to get Ryan and Brendon, they were already entwined. Ryan was pressing his mouth hard into Brendon’s, hands slipped inside the back pockets of Brendon’s jeans. Brendon was trying to grope Ryan through his pants, but it didn’t look like it was working too well.

Spencer cleared his throat, and they looked up.

“Oh, hi,” Brendon said, grinning.

“If you want to continue this horizontally,” Spencer said, his face warm, “we’ve made room.”

Ryan practically dragged Brendon out of the room. Spencer followed them, sitting next to Jon on the mattresses.

“What do we do now?” he asked. He was a little embarrassed, but he wasn’t sure about the logistics of this. It wasn’t like he’d been in an orgy before.

“I think we take our pants off,” Brendon said, following his own instructions. He was visibly straining through his briefs.

Ryan pulled a small bottle of hand lotion out of his pocket. “I thought we might need this.”

“Good idea,” Spencer said.

Brendon said, “I want someone to fuck me.”

“I will.” Jon sounded a little strangled. He stared at Brendon hungrily.

[Later, after all their clothes are off:]

While Jon and Spencer kissed, Ryan made his way down Brendon’s body. He bit at Brendon’s nipples, and Brendon moaned in appreciation. Then he licked his way down Brendon’s stomach, nibbling the sensitive areas he found. Bypassing Brendon’s cock and balls completely, he dipped his head down to tongue Brendon’s asshole. “Nnnnngghhh....” Brendon said as Ryan licked around, flicking his tongue this way and that.

Jon and Spencer stopped making out, choosing instead to watch, as Spencer absentmindedly jerked Jon off. Jon’s breathing was heavy. He stared at Ryan eating Brendon out as he thrust into Spencer’s hand.

Ryan pulled away from Brendon and moved up to kiss him briefly. Then he joined Jon and Spencer. He placed his hand over Spencer’s on Jon’s cock, which jumped a little. “Your turn, “ he said, and Spencer nodded, moving his hand out from under Ryan’s and grabbing the hand lotion.

He went over to Brendon, all spread out on the mattress. “I’m going to get you ready,” he informed Brendon. Brendon nodded, biting his lip in anticipation. Spencer slicked a liberal amount of lotion onto his index and middle fingers. He teased at Brendon’s hole, feeling the dampness. Just knowing that Brendon was wet from Ryan’s tongue made him achingly hard.

Slowly, so slowly, he pushes in. Brendon let out a sharp gasp and Jon moaned. “Don’t let him come yet,” Spencer said.

“I won’t,” Ryan replied.

Spencer felt around until he found a spot that made Brendon blurt out all the nonsense words he could think of.
Tags: [character] brendon urie, [character] jon walker, [character] ryan ross, [character] spencer smith, [fandom] bandslash, [pairing] brendon/jon/ryan/spencer, slash (m/m), wip amnesty
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