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WIP Amnesty (Panic! at the Disco)

Untitled Ryan/Brendon-type thing
Written 11/20/06. 255 words.

Bandslash. NRWC-era. Already posted here. Cuts off in the middle of a sentence.

Ryan isn’t sure when it stops being about the crowd-pleasing and starts being about them.

It started several months before. Jon was googling them, just for fun, just to see what would come up, and what came up were all these blogs. Fans who wanted to see them make out onstage. Which was, yeah, a little weird, but there had been stranger requests, especially in the autograph lines after the shows, so Brendon said, why not play around with it? And Ryan figured, sure, why not. After all, their show was already pretty out there.

They got a huge response. Every time Brendon got close to Ryan onstage, the fans expected it. They’d scream their lungs out. Of course, they did that anyway, even for the stagehands, because a lot of their fans were extremely excitable teenagers, but this… this was different. New.

At first, it was just playing around, playing off each other. An act. But somewhere it got muddled and became something else. Brendon talks about actually going for it in Long Beach, their last show, really making out onstage. Ryan doesn’t know what to think about that. He knows it’s not just for show anymore, but they’ve never discussed that and he doesn’t want to be the one to bring it up. Anyway, they’re guys. They don’t do the whole talking-about-your-feelings-thing. Well, except when they do, which is probably pretty gay of them or something, but whatever.

But then Brendon starts talking about practicing, so it won’t look totally unrehearsed, and Ryan
Tags: [character] brendon urie, [character] ryan ross, [fandom] bandslash, [pairing] ryan/brendon, slash (m/m), wip amnesty
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