the laughing tale of the fool (laughingtale) wrote,
the laughing tale of the fool

WIP Amnesty (Supernatural)

Supernatural - Phobia fic
Written 10/25/06. 95 words.

Gen. Written during season 1, not sure where I was going.

Everyone has a phobia.

What’s yours?

What makes your palms sweat, your pulse race, your knees tremble? Some people are terrified of spiders, some of heights, some of closed-in spaces. Everyone is afraid of something. What about you?

Sam has a phobia of clowns, has had it since he was little. He knows they’re just people in stupid costumes and make-up, doing goofy things to entertain children, but he also knows that fear has no logic.

Not that that makes any difference to Dean, who has taunted him about it since they were little kids.
Tags: [character] dean winchester, [character] sam winchester, [fandom] other, gen, wip amnesty
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