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WIP Amnesty (Queer as Folk [US])

in your love (my salvation lies)
Written 6/3/06. 222 words.

Queer as Folk (US), Brian/Justin. Title taken from "Orange Sky" by Alexi Murdoch.

Brian Kinney does not want salvation. He has never wanted salvation. He is perfectly happy to be who he is, thank you very fucking much, and he doesn’t understand why people keep trying to thrust it on him.

The only thing he wants thrust on him is the fuck of the night’s cock. Or something to that effect. Everything else is a big fucking waste of time and energy.

And then Justin comes along.

When it comes to trying to save him, Justin is perhaps the biggest culprit of all, but when he finally gives up and just accepts Brian for what he is, Brian finds he kind of misses it. Not that he’ll ever admit that to anyone under pain of death, but. That doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Like love. Brian never admits to loving anyone – that would mean he had feelings, wouldn’t it, and then his image would be permanently tainted, so fuck that. But he shows it in all kinds of ways, and if you’re intuitive enough, you’ll get it. If not, why are you still hanging around, anyway?

Justin gets it. He hasn’t always, but he gets it now. He gets it in every kiss, every fuck, every casual glance, even.

That is why he has stopped trying to save Brian: because he realizes he already has.
Tags: [character] brian kinney, [character] justin taylor, [fandom] other, [pairing] brian/justin, slash (m/m), wip amnesty
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