the laughing tale of the fool (laughingtale) wrote,
the laughing tale of the fool

WIP Amnesty (Gilmore Girls)

Gilmore Girls - Rory/Dean
Written 4/9/06. 127 words.

She wants to believe he still loves her, but who marries someone on the rebound?

She pretends with Jess. There’s always been some kind of tension between them, something so strong Dean couldn’t help but sense it, but Rory never wanted this. Yes, Jess intrigues her, but it’s no more than that, really, and it never has been.

It’s not love.

So she pretends.

She watches Stars Hollow from the corners of her eyes and waits to hear anything about them. She snatches onto little bits of gossip on street corners, pretending to be completely disinterested.

It’s all a lie.

Even Lorelai, Lorelai who knows her best of anyone, who can tell what she’s feeling before she even feels it, even Lorelai doesn’t see through her façade.
Tags: [character] rory gilmore, [fandom] other, [pairing] rory/dean, het, wip amnesty
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